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Pastor Barry Wilson

I was born in Cincinnati Ohio December 21, 1956. I was raised in the home of a Baptist pastor. I was saved at the age of 12 during a revival meeting my father was holding, at Salem BC in Russell Springs KY. I was baptized by Memorial Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, by my father, Jack Wilson. I met my wife, Debbie, when she visited our church with a friend. She was later saved and baptized at Memorial BC as well. We have 3 children, Shanna Allen (Husband Joe and 4 children), Christopher Wilson (Deceased), and Mallory DeRoseau (Husband Cody and 1 child). I was called, at the age of 24, to the ministry at Memorial BC under the pastorate of Doyce "Butch" Mullins. At the age of 27 (1984) I was called to Pastor Hilltop Baptist Church. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries from Temple Baptist College, Cincinnati, Ohio.

From the Pastor's Pen

Image 12Oct 8, 2017

Matthew 28:18-20 is what we commonly refer to as the “Great Commission.” The Great Commission is basically a command to the Church to go out telling others about Jesus, Teaching them, and consequently baptizing them. In understanding the Great Commission there are 3 things that must be understood in these verses: Verse 18 tells us that Jesus has the power and authority to commission His church as he pleases. So, when we’re told to GO… Know that we’re being told by the one who has the authority to commission us. The second thing is in Verse19, and that is that we are not to exclude anyone! All nations need to hear the gospel. BTW, we’re not to simply go and do humanitarian deeds like feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and dig irrigation trenches; we’re to teach the gospel message, establishing Churches, and baptizing them. Finally, in verse 20, We find that God never intends for us to do this alone; He is always with us and will never leave us. Our Faith Promise Missions Conference is coming in just a couple of weeks and our faith promise missions offering is just another way of sharing Christ with the world. We may not be able to share Christ in many nations, but we can help support missionaries who do through our financial giving and prayers. Please be very much in prayer about your financial promise you’ll be making this year.