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Pastor Barry Wilson

I was born in Cincinnati Ohio December 21, 1956. I was raised in the home of a Baptist pastor. I was saved at the age of 12 during a revival meeting my father was holding, at Salem BC in Russell Springs KY. I was baptized by Memorial Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, by my father, Jack Wilson. I met my wife, Debbie, when she visited our church with a friend. She was later saved and baptized at Memorial BC as well. We have 3 children, Shanna Allen (Husband Joe and 4 children), Christopher Wilson (Deceased), and Mallory DeRoseau (Husband Cody and 1 child). I was called, at the age of 24, to the ministry at Memorial BC under the pastorate of Doyce "Butch" Mullins. At the age of 27 (1984) I was called to Pastor Hilltop Baptist Church. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries from Temple Baptist College, Cincinnati, Ohio.

From the Pastor's Pen

Image 12Dec 17, 2017

Please indulge me as I reminisce a bit about Christmas’ past. Some of the things that stand out in my mind which were really special to me seem to revolve around Christmas, for example; the church where I grew up had an annual Christmas play; one of the ladies, Alma Foley, most always wrote and directed the play. As long as I was a member of the Church I was a part of that play. It’s not as though the plays were really anything special, nor did they vary much from one year to the next, but they were a Christmas tradition that I thoroughly enjoyed. Every person who wanted to be in the play was included in one way or another and the exciting thing was always, “what would go wrong this year?” One year my father pulled the curtains down, wires and all. Many years numerous lines were forgotten and people would stand and stare at each other, or we’d break out into uncontrollable laughter; but when all was said and done, the gospel had been presented and lost individuals had an opportunity to receive Christ as their Savior. Another example that stands out is a Christmas when Debbie and I were struggling financially and had no money for Christmas. We had only one child at the time and we really wanted to do something special for her, so I rummaged through some garbage sights behind stores and found some things like a sheet of old plywood, a couple of used cans of paint, and a hardware store gave me a set of old hinges. I made Shanna a playhouse, sat it in the corner of her room for her to see when she woke up on Christmas morning. She was so excited to see it that she played in it all day! Who would have thought that a Christmas where we spent no money on one another and spent no money on our daughter would turn out to be one of the absolute best Christmas’ we had. I say all of this to simply say, Christmas is not about money. Granted, it’s a time to celebrate Christ’s birth, but it is also a time to establish some precious memories with family and friends.