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Pastor Barry Wilson

I was born in Cincinnati Ohio December 21, 1956. I was raised in the home of a Baptist pastor. I was saved at the age of 12 during a revival meeting my father was holding, at Salem BC in Russell Springs KY. I was baptized by Memorial Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, by my father, Jack Wilson. I met my wife, Debbie, when she visited our church with a friend. She was later saved and baptized at Memorial BC as well. We have 3 children, Shanna Allen (Husband Joe and 4 children), Christopher Wilson (Deceased), and Mallory DeRoseau (Husband Cody and 1 child). I was called, at the age of 24, to the ministry at Memorial BC under the pastorate of Doyce "Butch" Mullins. At the age of 27 (1984) I was called to Pastor Hilltop Baptist Church. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries from Temple Baptist College, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Image 12April 22, 2018

What kind of believer are you? Now, I realize that’s a loaded question and can be answered many different ways depending upon what the topic might be; however, if the topic were dealing with conflict, problems, or various life issues, A Christian might deal with it in one of two different ways: A carnal believer (one who is still greatly influenced by the things of the world) will often take a small problem and make it into a large problem, blowing it out of proportion and adding a great deal of drama to it; perhaps even becoming offended and hurt by it; A Spiritual Believer (one who is mindful of the will of God and seeks to follow his will) will take a large problem and turn it into a very small problem by not taking offense and by seeking the will of God in matters of diffusing the situation.
Let us always look to God and seek his will as we deal with any problems.  There is no problem so great that our God cannot handle it.
As we look at our lives, what type of believer are we?  Do we take problems that are petty, small, or inconsequential and blow them up to something far bigger than they should be? I would prefer to be that individual that is a problem solver by realizing that nothing is too big for God!  The Spiritual individual has the ability to make big problems not really so big.  They’re willing to put their feelings aside and not take offense while they seek to diffuse the problem.  They don’t perpetuate the problem with gossip, backbiting, or tale-bearing, but rather they speak in love and encouragement that God might be glorified in all they say.
Any problem can be made bigger or can be decreased by the words and thoughts of those involved.
Be a Spiritual believer, always looking to please God.