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Who we are:

    Hilltop Baptist Church is striving to serve Christ, our Lord and to minister to the needs of our community. We are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. We support foreign and home missions. It is our desire to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of those of our community. If we can be of service to you or someone you know, feel free to call any time.

How we seek to accomplish the mission God has given us as a church:

In Our Community

Our Church has several Children's program outreaches for our community to take advantage of Sunday School classes, Mission awareness (Kidz With a Mission), and Bible memorization programs (Master Clubs). We also have Vacation Bible School, Summer in the Son, Children's outings, and much more.

Our Teens, along with other teens in our community have regular outings whether it be a trip to Perfect North, YMCA all-nighters, The Web and much more.

Mark Gibson is a licensed Jail/Prison Chaplain and helps give Spiritual guidance to the incarcerated.

Tyrone Jones serves as minister to Fairfield Place Nursing Home along with other HBC members by providing music and Bible study.

Jim Easton serves as minister to Parkside Nursing Home in Fairfield each Sunday afternoon.

We seek to share the gospel with our community by doing door to door visitation, Bible and tract distribution, occasional help with special needs, and regular community projects.

In Our State

We have a specific desire to see conservative Baptist churches planted throughout the state; for that reason we've been instrumental in helping start churches throughout the state: Fairfield, Greensville, New Richmond, Cincinnati, Lima, Harrison, Hamilton (Hispanic), Cleveland area, as well as seeking to train up men in our own congregation to go out and start new works.

We additionally help support a mission team (husband and wife) who do a great work in several Ohio prisons.

In Our Nation

We have helped to plant conservative Baptist Churches in Utah, New York, Kentucky and Colorado.

We help support a builder who helps build church buildings economically to keep them from incurring considerable debt as they grow.

We help support an Evangelist and his wife who help smaller struggling churches provide Vacation Bible School and revivals at minimal expense.

Additionally we help support Deaf ministry and the teaching of those who desire to begin deaf churches.

We actively supports and works with organizations who distribute tracts and Bibles throughout the Nation.

We help support a missionary to the Jews who live here in the US.

Around the World

We support Missionaries in the Middle East, Israel, India, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, Australia, Mongolia, Samoa, Madagascar, Japan, Spain, and England.

Our 50+ Club actively works with and helps support those who distribute tracts and Bibles throughout the world.

We help support a missionary to our military stationed in Japan.

We help support building programs throughout various countries having built churches in Australia, Romania, Belize, Japan, and others. We help support schools in India, Cuba, and Mexico.

We have, from time to time, arranged mission trips to various places as well as helping support students who have taken mission trips individually with various groups outside of our church.

How do we accomplish such a Goal?

A portion of the tithes and offerings given to the church go toward missions along with special gifts by various individuals; however, the primary part of the financing of our mission efforts come from a program called "Faith Promise". It is a program where people promise a certain amount of money over that of their normal tithes and offerings which are designated toward mission expenses. Last year we spent approximately $40,000 in mission expenses.