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Youth Leaders

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Jacques and Rachel Alexis have been married 5 years, and are the parents of 1 year old Grace Alexis. Both were blessed to be raised in Christian homes and came to know the Lord at a young age. Although they are new to being leaders in ministry as a couple, both have lead bible studies, teen/youth groups and prayer groups as singles. They are eager to teach and work together for the cause of Christ. They believe our future is in the hands of our youth and if we don't reach them for Christ, this sinful world will.

Cody and Mallory DeRoseau have been married just under two years and welcomed their first baby, a little girl, into the world this past summer. They met at Hilltop and God took over from there! They are involved in activities and ministries throughout the church. Cody additionally runs one of the buses and Mallory is the church pianist. They additionally teach though yearly VBS. Mallory and Cody are excited to now be two of the four teen leaders. Cody surrendered to preach almost immediately after he was saved and feels their is no better way to learn, serve and grow but through the future generation of Hilltop Baptist Church. Their goal is to be sure the each and every one of our youth members leave the group knowing how to serve God and with a wanting and desire to continue serving Him.